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6 ways to get moving in the morning
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Working out in the morning jump-starts your metabolism that you will burn more calories and have more energy all day. Exercising early means you’re less likely to succumb to later-day distractions like work or dinner plans. So don’t touch the … Read More

How Palo Santo will free you from your anxiety
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Understand the power of Palo Santo to alleviate stress and anxiety – and purify your home.

Adopt these fruits and vegetables for a flat tummy!
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A flat stomach or tummy and not sacrifice on a cool diet? It’s a dream at any age! Whether it’s the approach of summer holidays, to relieve bloating, prevent the risk of diabetes or cholesterol, there are many reasons. More … Read More

The Art of Sacred Sex – A Guide to Tantra
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Practicing Tantra and real love: How to do it? This text is Maithuna or the art of sacred sex in Sanskrit. Tantra is an esoteric discipline from the tradition of Hinduism and Buddhism developed in the middle of the first … Read More

What on Earth is Earthing Grounding?
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What is Earthing and why you should try it.

Summer smoothie ideas: Boost your immune system
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Summertime is in the air and along come wonderful varieties of fruits and veggies that will do your body good. Bloom a healthy morning habit around these great natural resources that you can smoothly blend into your breakfast.

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