About us

Online Wellness Xperience

We help authors and wellness practitioners publish their profile and offer services, virtual zoom sessions, Yoga, Meditation, fitness courses. We provide content about Green and wellbeing life.

We are promoter of natural health, minimalism and supporting a community of people seeking to better balance their materials and spiritual life. We are not a sect or green extremists, there is nothing related to media or political or religious views. We are totally agnostic as long as you embrace your soul and not your ego. We develop practices and knowledges for people interested in the beauty inside out basis ancient philosophies and spiritualities from Asia and other parts of the world. 


We provide a reading experience that convey relaxation and peace. Instead of displaying intrusive ads and off topic content, we will display a soothing ocean or natural imagery background, that's our way to experience online wellness and beauty inside out.

Our vision

An eco-friendly and peaceful world where individuals, businesses, and creators develop high quality content and services to promote citizen’s health, happiness and well-being, equally balance Yin and Yang, moment of action, movement and stillness.


Who are we?

This site is co-created and managed by authors, bloggers and eco-enthusiasts regardless of their skillsets, only passion is the driver of our mission. More about the founders here.

The themes

Our editorial tone is utterly positive, we do not judge or raise critical point of view which is the role of mainstream media. Oliceo is a personal guide to improve people's life. All themes of the site span across 5 strong pillars:


As the one key pillars of human existence, Food is crucial but we often do not see the point to spend time and bring our awareness in mindful eating. Superfood is a term used to describe foods with presumed health benefits. Included are organic recipes and all foods with therapeutic properties, we help people find the best recipe and services to eat well.


No air, no life. Understand how to breath can change your life forever. With respiration comes health and strength. Vital energy and more. We then raise topics like Yoga, Meditation and breathing techniques to better manage air flow within and develop your body, mind, soul in harmony. We also share insights on sport, running and cardio to help people and sport practitioners breathe better. 


All natural remedies for better health. Herbal medicine, massage, TCM, aromatherapy, home remedies, help relieve all medical conditions in supplementation of Western medicines. Natural remedies do not cure any disease. We help preventing deceases and building immunity as the best barrier against any form of virus.


We address travel and everything related to discovery of new territory, landscape, eco-villages and settle a new life, transformation and new changes of the 21st century. There is also travelling without physically moving, with dreams, ideation, imagination.


Healthy living includes nature, green and eco-friendly living like FengShui and zen habitat techniques, geothermal energy, geobiology, healthy and eco-friendly home devices, kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, etc. We also discuss about wild life and protection and how to live with mindful behaviour.


Sleeping is 30% of our life, an experience of rejuvenation, cleansing our body and recharging your battery. Despite our permanent distraction and active life, we learn to calm down and prepare for a better sleep. We provide here all the techniques and protocols to get a better sleep, understand and interpret dreams, explore what nights have to offer to learn about yourself and improve your daily activities and goals.


Oliceo provides digital marketing agency services through OliPro, our business branch, to create and design transactional platforms for wellness practitioners (powered by WIX), we partner to launch your business and scale it. Interested?

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