About us

Oliceo connects authors, creators and wellness practitioners with brands.

Our vision
An eco-friendly world where businesses, freelancers and creators develop high quality content and services to promote citizens health and well-being.

Oliceo, what is it?
This site is co-created and managed by authors, writers, bloggers and eco-enthusiasts. We match enquiries from brands and businesses to create content, articles for their blogs and e-commerce website with our community of creators.

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Who are the talents?
They are passionate people, keen about writing, blogging and practicing their discipline. Freelancers with acute interest in wellness, health bloggers, Yoga teacher, etc, they offer their creative services to businesses.

The themes
Our editorial tone is utterly positive, Oliceo a personal guide to improve the daily hygiene of the citizens. The themes of the site are spread across 5 strong pillars:

art therapy hand hands handprint therapeutic discipline visual arts picturesque medium patient patients art modern art abstract painting paint expression creative skills sensory perception art therapeutic practice psychology pedagogy psychiatric psychosomatic psychosocial therapy practice anthroposophic medicine art brut outsider art acrylic paints colorful structure pattern color mixing sexy art therapy art therapy art therapy art therapy art therapy

Art Therapy
It is the set of methods aimed at using the potential for artistic expression and creativity of a person for psychotherapeutic or personal development purposes. Are included in “Art-Therapy”, music therapy, painting, visual expression, mandalas, audio therapy, Zen and Indian music for children and adults, etc.

acai bowl, goji, berry

Superfood is a term used to describe foods with presumed health benefits. Included are organic recipes and all foods with therapeutic properties.

solar panel array roof home house residential residence power sun electricity energy environment sunlight sustainable renewable clean eco photocell photovoltaic technology green roof roof roof roof roof energy sustainable eco eco photovoltaic photovoltaic photovoltaic photovoltaic

The “Green” House
Healthy living includes FengShui and zen habitat techniques, geothermal energy, geobiology, healthy and eco-friendly home accessories, kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, etc.

honey spoon food natural liquid sweet ingredient nutrition remedy golden delicious tasty fresh nature healthy organic honey honey honey honey honey

Natural remedies
All natural remedies for better health. Herbal medicine, aromatherapy, home remedies, help relieve all medical conditions in supplements / or substitutions of Western medicines. Attention, natural remedies do not work to cure any disease.

dance, yoga, meditation

Yoga (/ joʊɡə /; [1] Sanskrit, योग Listen) is a group of physical, mental and spiritual practices originating in ancient India. There is a wide variety of schools, yoga practices in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. Some of the best known types of yoga are Hatha Yoga and Raja Yoga. This section describes all postures and their health benefits.

peaceful yoga meditation lifestyle peace pose relaxation relax calm natural calmness nature cliff zen wellness tranquil outdoor health leisure namaste yoga yoga yoga yoga yoga meditation namaste namaste

The term meditation (Latin meditatio) refers to a mental or spiritual practice. Meditation is a focus on a certain object of thought or self. The goal of meditation practice is to realize one’s spiritual identity. In Oliceo, all techniques are discussed to help you establish a simple, daily practice in your life.

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