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Chat Over Coffee – Volunteering Experiences

I had a chat over coffee with other volunteers and shared our different volunteering experiences in Cambodia to our viewers on a Saturday. It was a noisy but fun chat. Lots of laughter! And yet, it wa...Read More

6 steps to get healthy morning

6 ways to get moving in the morning

Working out in the morning jump-starts your metabolism that you will burn more calories and have more energy all day. Exercising early means you’re less likely to succumb to later-day distractions lik...Read More

woman using body tape measure while measuring her waist

Adopt these fruits and vegetables for a flat tummy!

A flat stomach or tummy and not sacrifice on a cool diet? It’s a dream at any age! Whether it’s the approach of summer holidays, to relieve bloating, prevent the risk of diabetes or choles...Read More

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