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A morning routine, the steps to follow

Calm your mind and strengthen your body early in the morning!

How to take a good relaxation in yoga?

Final relaxation is essential to yoga practice. It allows you to finish your session, regulate your ...

6 steps to get healthy morning

Find 6 ways to get moving in the morning

Working out in the morning jump-starts your metabolism that you will burn more calories and have mor...

5 Yoga Poses For Beginners

You have probably heard that yoga is good for you. Well, it’s true! There are many health bene...

Sylvotherapy: Forest Bathing or the ultimate natural remedy against anxiety

Build your immune system, boost your NK Lymphocytes, smell the terpenes and experience pure wellness...

Amazing YouTube Sessions by Yoga with Adriene and Why We Love Them

It's much easier to achieve a more balanced life: for example, there are plenty of great sessions on...

A Definition Of Love

Have you ever imagine love as a blue energy?

Remedies for acidity and gastric reflux

Gastric reflux can be a painful experience, discover great natural and herbal remedies to ease your ...

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