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6 steps to get healthy morning

6 ways to get moving in the morning

Working out in the morning jump-starts your metabolism that you will burn more calories and have more energy all day. Exercising early means you’re less likely to succumb to later-day distractions lik...Read More

woman using body tape measure while measuring her waist

Adopt these fruits and vegetables for a flat tummy!

A flat stomach or tummy and not sacrifice on a cool diet? It’s a dream at any age! Whether it’s the approach of summer holidays, to relieve bloating, prevent the risk of diabetes or choles...Read More

Marcher pied nus, les avantages pour la santé
Addiction and how to get out of it

Addiction and the World We Live In

I think the shame and stigma that surrounds addiction and getting help are the most frustrating and inaccurate factors that should be changed. Many people believe that addiction is a choice, and strug...Read More

The healing benefits of Grounding

Grounding, a concept not only known as a way of punishing your kids and keeping them inside all day but actually the opposite, being outside.

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