Natural Remedy

Acupuncture, anti-stress remedy, natural care against flu, constipation, osteoarthritis … discover how to naturally treat all your daily ills!

Natural Remedies to Detoxify

Lemon juice, turmeric, infused water, all-in-one cure ... discover the secrets of a successful detox !

Remedies for Constipation: our 5 natural treatments

5 simple home remedies to help treat constipation naturally. Foods and supplements that help prevent constipation are discussed.

Remèdes naturels contre les ronflements

8 natural remedies to overcome snoring!

Discover the natural solutions against snoring and help your partner sleep better ;-)

Remedies for acidity and gastric reflux

Gastric reflux can be a painful experience, discover great natural and herbal remedies to ease your stomach pain and smoothen your digestion.

Natural remedies for sciatica

Drinking a nettle tea significantly reduces the pain caused by joint disorders. Find out more on all the powerful remedies you can find to alleviate sciatica and back pain.

Some natural remedies for mononucleosis

Drink and eat cold or even frozen foods. Adopt a balanced diet (consisting of legumes) to help your body, by drastically reducing dairy products. Infuse long green tea (up to 10 minutes) whose antivir...Read More

5 natural remedies to get rid of psoriasis!

Boil 60 grams of burdock roots for about ten minutes, let steep for a few moments before filtering and then drink the preparation obtained by taking 2 to 3 cups a day over a period of 3 weeks or 2.

Homemade anti-acne mask: the top 3

The oily or acne skins know it, the acne, the impurities; and the black spots are for them real nightmares. And if I gave you 3 supernatural and super effective remedies to say goodbye! The homemade a...Read More


Essential oils: three remedies to soothe painful sciatica!

Find out on the natural remedies for Sciatica. Relieve the pain and have a life again!

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