Natural Remedy

Acupuncture, anti-stress remedy, natural care against flu, constipation, osteoarthritis … discover how to naturally treat all your daily ills!

Remedies for acidity and gastric reflux

Gastric reflux can be a painful experience, discover great natural and herbal remedies to ease your stomach pain and smoothen your digestion.

Remedy for back pain

Home Remedies for Back Pain: 4 incredible solutions

There are plenty of options to relieve back pain. We will focus on the power of Nettle, Arnica, horsetail, wintergreen to help you resolve this issue.

Natural remedies for sciatica

Drinking a nettle tea significantly reduces the pain caused by joint disorders. Find out more on all the powerful remedies you can find to alleviate sciatica and back pain.


Essential oils: three remedies to soothe painful sciatica!

Find out on the natural remedies for Sciatica. Relieve the pain and have a life again!

Eye infection remedies

11 home remedies to fight eye infection

Eye infection can be quite hazardous. In some case you could leverage on natural remedies. There are herbal treatments that can help. Discover some of them.