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Yoga and compassion

Yoga and Compassion. How are they related?

Y​oga is the realization of the Oneness of being; it is a state of being and not something that you can actually do. What we can do are practices that show us where we are resisting this natural state...Read More

Yoga teacher's training classroom

How to plan for a Yoga Teacher’s Training in India

  Choose a Yoga training in India For the yoga enthusiasts who have been practicing yoga for years now, the next destination is Yoga Teacher’ Training Certification. For pursuing their dream, you...Read More

Reduce anxiety with Yoga

Yoga and Compassion. How are they related?

​Too often, yoga practitioners unroll their mats for a peaceful 60 minute session and then walk out of the door to their studio and back into the confused chaos of life, wondering why those peaceful m...Read More

The effects of Yoga on the brain

Anxiety and depression are the two central disorders being treated using alternative medicine. Yoga has shown positive benefits on the brain.

relaxacion de yoga

A morning routine, the steps to follow

Calm your mind and strengthen your body early in the morning! Yoga can alleviate your stress daily. Get out, relax, breeze.

Yoga session for beginners - the basics

How to take a good relaxation in yoga?

Final relaxation is essential to yoga practice. It allows you to finish your session, regulate your breathing, and continue your day. Discover how to do it well.

5 Yoga Poses For Beginners

You have probably heard that yoga is good for you. Well, it’s true! There are many health benefits to yoga. Yoga can increase your flexibility, relieve stress, aid in weight loss, and improve yo...Read More

Amazing YouTube Sessions by Yoga with Adriene and Why We Love Them

It's much easier to achieve a more balanced life: for example, there are plenty of great sessions on YouTube. My favorite channel is Yoga with Adriene. Stop procrastinating and start today!

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