Massage: Tibetan bowls at the service of our well-being

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Releasing the pressure makes you feel good and be less stressed. And what better than a massage to relax and free your mind ! You may be familiar with Swedish, Californian or even Abhyanga massage that we told you about in this article, but have you already tried Tibetan bowl massage, also called sound massage? It is a method of relaxation that helps restore our inner harmony while promoting letting go. What is it based on? What are its benefits ? Make yourself comfortable, we’ll explain everything to you !

Tibetan bowl massage or how to heal yourself by sound

If we know one thing about massages, it’s that they are part of the best healing treatments. It is therefore not surprising to see so many people relying on it for treatment. This is perhaps one of the reasons why Tibetan massage is more and more in demand.

His particuliarity ? Help us regain our vitality and inner peace through the sounds emitted by singing bowls and traditional mantras.

According to Vedic philosophy, emotions such as fear, stress and anxiety directly affect the organism. Tibetan bowls would be a way to connect with our chakras in order to restore balance and chase away these negative waves.

If you hit it lightly, you get a kind of buzzing sound. The sound produced then spreads throughout the room, leading you to a meditative and relaxing state.

These sound vibrations would positively influence the functions of the brain, nervous system and immune system, as experts in neuroscience claim.

Tibetan bowls, instruments like no other

Tibetan bowls are very ancient instruments, which come straight from Tibet and Nepal. Their use dates back to around 5000 BC and even before the arrival of Buddhism. Tibetan shamans and monks used it for their rituals and meditation sessions.

The real Tibetan bowls are made of 7 metals, (silver, copper, tin, iron, mercury, gold, lead) linked to the 7 planets (the Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury , the Sun and Saturn) but also on the 7 days of the week and the 7 main chakras.

Each bowl is unique in design.

Presentation of Tibetan bowls

They are found in several sizes :

  • Large bowls (25 cm in diameter and more). These are the ones that create serious, deep vibrations that instantly soothe. They are placed at the level of the lower body.
  • Next, the medium sized bowls (10 to 25 cm in diameter). They produce vibrations balanced between highs and lows.
  • In third place, we find the small diameter bowls (less than 12 cm) which emit higher pitched sounds. They are mainly used to maintain the mind.

Another detail that should not be overlooked is the thickness. The thicker the bowl, the more the root note is present. And the thinner and more elastic it is, the more bass it offers.

We will have to wait until the 1980s to see them land in the West. It is the German physicist Peter Hess who introduces us to this Tibetan tradition.

According to him, “The sound of the singing bowl touches what is deepest in us. It makes the soul vibrate. Sound relieves tension, mobilizes natural defenses and releases creative energies.

Tibetan massage at the service of our health

Why should you be interested in this relaxing massage? Because according to its followers, it allows you above all to find a state of serenity, to be in harmony with your body. And in a world where pressure is everywhere, giving rise to daily tensions, it is crucial to find a way to let go in order to find yourself and that is exactly what this method of relaxation offers us.

The waves produced by the Tibetan bowls correspond to the alpha waves emitted by the brain when one is in a state of hypnosis or deep sleep. They propagate in the body and penetrate deep into the cells to leave their marks there for several hours.

This stimulates self-healing, creating harmony between the cells of the body, a sign of good health.

Positive health effects of Tibetan bowls

Tibetan massage offers many benefits, both physically and mentally.

First of all, it reduces stress insofar as it allows total letting go. And since we are talking about therapeutic virtues, this treatment can help you relieve muscle stiffness after intense physical activity, recover faster after an injury and soothe muscle pain or headaches.

This type of massage has also been shown to be beneficial for people who suffer from digestive problems or insomnia. It can also be called upon to boost its immune system.

Its calming effects would be very useful to free oneself from buried negative emotions such as fear, anguish, anxiety. It is therefore an avenue to consider in the event of depression or to unblock energy nodes.

How does a Tibetan bowl massage work ?

For a sound massage session, the patient lies on his back or stomach, covered with a towel, on a massage table. The sound therapist places Tibetan bowls of different sizes on the body, in strategic places such as the back, the head, on which he strikes delicately, with a mallet.

Each cell in the body absorbs the vibrations produced by these singing bowls to restore balance between energies and restore inner harmony.

Then, the practitioner applies to perform a tonic massage accompanied by pressure strokes, friction, slow movements, which aim to soften the joints. These gestures complement the beneficial effects of sound vibrations.

a woman in a Tibetan bowl massage session

The patient must let himself be transported and open up to meditation. During the exercise, it is advisable to always keep your eyes closed in order to succeed in concentrating only on the sound.

However, as a precaution, we avoid practicing this treatment on individuals suffering from epileptic disorders, pregnant women after 8 months of pregnancy or people with bone fractures.

Our article has piqued your curiosity and you want to learn more about Tibetan bowls or even find Tibetan singing bowl massage training. Therasound is indeed a new service that offers training and webinars for amateurs and professionals who want, for example, to know how to sound a Tibetan bowl.

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