The Gemmotherapy : bet on buds to preserve your health !

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Nature conceals treasures that allow us to take care of our body. As examples, we can cite essential oils, plants or gemmotherapy or bud therapy. First of all, what if we explained to you what this increasingly popular alternative medicine is? How does it work? What is the mode of use? What are the contraindications? We bring you the answers in our article !

Gemmotherapy, the medicine that relies on the buds


First of all, the term “Gemmotherapy” comes from the Latin word “Gemmae” which means bud and precious stone. It is a recent branch of herbal medicine. It is based on embryonic tissues, in full growth, taken from plants, shrubs and trees (young shoots, rootlets, buds) to relieve certain pathologies.

According to the followers of this natural medicine, the buds contain more active agents such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, trace elements than plants. In addition, they have regenerative properties specific to their embryonic state. This widens their field of action and gives them therapeutic virtues superior to those of certain natural products.

Choose for gemmotherapy or bud medicine

Take the example of the linden bud which combines both the calming virtues from the flower of the tree and the diuretic and depurative virtues from the sapwood, the tender and whitish part, which forms between the bark and wood.

It is also for these reasons that gemmotherapy is often qualified as ” Global phytotherapy ”. But it is not always that the bud always has all the qualities of the plant. This is the case with the raspberry bud which is not as fortified with vitamin C as the ripe fruit.

How to use the buds for healing ?


Example of macerate

The buds are consumed in the form of liquid extracts. Picked before they hatch, they are put to macerate in a mixture of water, glycerin and alcohol for a period of 21 days (one third of water, one third of vegetable glycerin and one third of alcohol at 40 ° ).

It is a way of extracting the active components of the plant like its enzymes, hormones, amino acids, etc.

At the end of these 3 weeks, the mixture is filtered and a substance called “Mother macerate” is obtained, which is stored in an opaque bottle. You can consume it as is or dilute it in a small amount of water if you find it a little too high in alcohol. The dosage depends on the pimple used but in most cases it is 5 to 15 drops per day, in a single dose or three times a day, without meals, for an adult.

Start with 5 drops and gradually increase by one drop each day until symptoms improve. In children over 6 years, 2 to 5 drops per day are sufficient. The treatment lasts 3 weeks, with one week off, to be repeated 3 to 4 times in a row.

The buds are marketed in the form of glycerine macerate diluted 10 times with respect to the mother macerate. They are found on the market, precisely in drugstores and pharmacies. On the internet, it can be obtained from sites such as,,,

Some buds to add to your medicine cabinet !


So far, no scientific study has confirmed with certainty the effectiveness of the buds on health. But that in no way calls into question their benefits.

Bud medicine is preventative, please note. It acts on the whole body. In other words, it can be used to relieve temporary pain as well as to protect yourself or to solve a fundamental problem such as a sleep disorder, poor blood circulation or a gastric disorder.

On its own, it has no curative action. This is why it is very often associated with other alternative medicines. Small presentation of the most used buds !

Almond and linden buds


They lower the blood levels of triglycerides and work as anticoagulants, thus limiting the risk of cardiovascular disease.

The Birch bud


It is used to cleanse the liver and rid the body of impurities such as excess cholesterol and uric acid. It is very often indicated to people suffering from water retention and cellulite.

The fig tree bud


It would be very effective in the fight against sleep disorders thanks to its action on the endocrine system. The thyme bud would also produce the same effect.

The Rosemary bud


It is in great demand for its effects on the digestive system. It helps reduce bloating, intestinal gas. In addition to acting as a detox food, it is high in oligo-proanthocyanidins (OPC) and other flavonoids, which helps strengthen the natural defenses.

The chestnut bud

It stimulates the body by ridding it of its toxins but is also an excellent remedy against pain and heavy legs sensations.

The raspberry bud


It is indicated for painful periods or amenorrhea. It regulates the female hormonal system. When your period is slow or irregular, this is the ideal bud.

The blackcurrant bud


It is particularly recommended for individuals who very often have seasonal illnesses such as the flu. Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, it strengthens the natural defenses and allows the body to better resist bacterial attacks.

The Lingonberry bud

Its phytoestrogenic properties make it an excellent remedy to compensate for hormonal deficiencies due to menopause if they are associated with the raspberry bud.

You should also know that the buds have little effect on the already very advanced symptoms, whatever the pathology.

Practical information


In gemmotherapy, we assume that the bud alone has all the potential of the future plant. It contains a diversity of active components, much higher than those of the parts of the plant taken in isolation. And it would be a shame not to take advantage of all this wealth.

For the record, the use of buds was already topical in the Middle Ages. At the time, this method was used to make ointments or make syrups for pectoral use. A choice that is easily explained when we know that the buds of a plant are hyper concentrated in active ingredients.

But it was during the 1960s that the Belgian doctor Pol Henry (1918-1988), inspired by his discoveries on embryonic cells of animal origin, developed this discipline and gave it the name of phytembryotherapy. It was only during the 1970s that the term was renamed in gemmotherapy by the homeopath Max Tétau.

Although they are devoid of any substance harmful to health, the buds may be contraindicated in certain cases such as taking anticoagulant drugs.

If you have a heart problem or high blood pressure, find out before taking it because some buds do not suit you. In pregnant women, there are precautions to take, especially at the beginning of pregnancy. She should refrain from any hormonal pimples before first consulting a doctor.

In general, there is no particular contraindication and the side effects are very minimal. Nothing prevents us from testing this method !

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