Our Pro offer: for your products and services

Oliceo is a content platform for people who are passionate about natural life well-being.

We invite all authors and bloggers to showcase their talents and create content. Authors will match the interest of employers, businesses looking for content.

For example, a cure for influenza may find a match with a natural remedy brand. An article for eco-building and how to choose solar energy panels will match with a solar panel manufacturer or distributor, etc.

Each author receives full payment for their work. There is no fee taken by Oliceo from authors.

You are a dealer, a distributor, a producer of organic food, natural products? Should you want to create content on Oliceo to promote your products and services? We are a marketplace to connect authors, writers, producers with brands.

Fitness, beauty, eco-housing, remedies, wellness, our goal is to bring everyone to improve lives of citizens worldwide.

Here are our services:

A professional directory of authors and creators.

For authors, we offer the capability to publish content on Oliceo and improve their visibility towards brands.

We also offer a content syndication service to feed corporate Intranets with “well-being” content to delight your employees. This offer is negotiated between the author and the Corporate communications or human resource department of the company.

Our marketplace is a catalog of creative talents tailored to wellness, eco-friendly and lifestyle topics.