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Oliceo is a content and service platform for people and companies that love nature, health and wellbeing.

You are a brand or a company seeking to communicate themes of sustainable development, green, well-being, organic and ethical consumption, Yoga, Meditation etc. We offer a platform to express these topics at scale.  We create your sponsored articles and hosted them on our platform.


It’s a subscription based model that allows you to create content and add respective commercial links and design, logo, lead generation form and e-commerce widget to generate sales.

The monthly subscription is 129 EUR per month, unlimited content.
You may cancel anytime, when you cancel your subscription, your content is put off-line but not deleted and you can resume anytime.

Whatever the topic (s) you want to position yourself on, our team will run a need analysis and suggest a content strategy to identify the themes that best match your brand and purpose.

Here are our services:

Sponsored content to promote CSR and wellness topics or your brand.

Curated writers for your corporate blog, we offer the capability to publish content under your brand and improve visibility and awareness of your external communication.

For retailers and producers, we also provide microsite with e-commerce or affiliation network to increase your sales.

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