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Give yourself time, he will come back to you as a friend

Learn to love the person you are and you will be able to choose a world according to your desires

Breathe, breathe, let go

Life guides you to your path

So, without a gesture and without a sigh

Release your inner child from grief

You are there, sitting, happy, contemplating your brilliant work

This is where you keep your head at the very moment when men set themselves up as gods

Tic, Tac, Tic Tac, take advantage of this moment, the poetry ends

When the gong rings, it’s official, the company has just created a dopamine addiction

Let go of your emotions, deliver your heart

The smallest minute will give you the joy you expect

Explore your inner world with your breath, this one will thank you by granting a prosperous life

Guidance, calm, and peace will forever be your submissive slaves

And yet, what is better than calm and peace, you will be the love of life

Breathe your troubles, blow your fears

The next mediation session is fast approaching

What’s more beautiful than a sweet moment with his brothers and sisters

to taste this piece of cotton candy.

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