Sylvotherapy: Forest Bathing or the ultimate natural remedy against anxiety

Updated: Jan 9

Have you ever imagine you could feel better just by spending time with trees?

The term “forest-bathing” may bring a few questions to your mind right away. But no, it’s not exactly what you think. Sylvotherapy is a natural remedy that essentially uses the power of all things in nature to improve your overall health.

How does forest therapy work?

You may already know that walking through a forest will make you more keen to your senses. It gives your body a lot to look at, smell, see, touch, and hear. But what you may not know is that by activating all of these senses in a rich environment your body automatically begins to calm and relax itself. It gives your body a sense of “I feel content and happy here.” One of the most amazing things about sylvotherapy is that it requires very little to no effort at all. Simply by sitting in the oxygen enriched forest, or going for a nice walk down a tree-lined path can give you immediate health benefits. Sylvotherapy is what creates the common phenomenon of people simply feeling good when they go out into nature.

Trees help you breathe

Essential oils have long been known to help people in a variety of ways. Whether it is sleeping better at night, relaxing, or breathing easier- they improve the lives of many people. And most people know that trees and plants release very rich oxygen air that also makes breathing easier and a more enlightening experience. But trees themselves actually put off their own kind of essential oil! These tree-created oils help you to embody a healthy respiratory and circulatory system. They also reduce blood pressure and therefore your amount of stress. And it’s all in the most natural way possible- simply by being in the forest and bathing in all that it has to offer you will be experiencing sylvotherapy.

A true connection to the forest

Many people strive to improve their connection to nature, believing in the power that being connected to the Earth’s plants will leave them feeling more refreshed and in one with themself. And that’s completely truth. When you embrace the powers of sylvotherapy your body’s energy actually begins to match the energy vibrations of the trees that surround you. Trees are deeply rooted and powerful components of the Earth. Just like you they breathe, grow, and go through several changes in their lifetimes. The science behind it all makes perfect sense. Being surrounded by hundreds of healthy living trees helps you to match that same positive energy. By changing your environment for a few minutes in your day, you can improve your entire state of well-being.

Breathe the forest: An incredible list of benefits

The practice of sylvotherapy, or forest bathing, helps the user to:

  1. Fight against premature cell aging. (In other words it has an anti-aging property)

  2. Increase concentration and focus in both adults and children.

  3. Strengthen basic immune processes.

  4. Bring about better moods and get rid of common feelings of anxiety and depression.

  5. Increases the amount of NK Lymphocytes- cells that are proven to battle against cancer!

For something as simple as just being in a forest- the benefits that come into your life are extraordinary. Who knew it could be so easy to feel better about yourself and improve your health?

Walk in the nature: sleep better?

Did you ever imagine that a simple walk through the woods could help you get a more refreshing and healing sleep? Yet another benefit of Sylvotherapy, sleeping better is just another part of the natural science behind it all. Evergreen trees such as Pines, Cedars, Sprucers, and Conifers release some of the largest amounts of something called phytoncides. Essentially that “fresh air smell” you experience when surrounded by these trees is you smelling the terpenes within the phytoncides. These terpenes that you inhale when you take deep forest breaths actually cause your body to start to prepare itself for a restful night of sleep. After a day spent performing Sylvotherapy, users reported waking up the next day feeling so refreshed they skipped their morning cup of coffee. Now that’s some powerful nature!

The Necessity of Sylvotherapy

So what’s the greater need of this forest-bathing practice? Let me give you the facts; “Since the year 1950 the urban population worldwide grew from just 746 million to 3.9 billion in 2014.” (United Nations Populations Division). Even more alarming, “By 2050, 75% of the world’s projected 9 billion population will live in cities.” (Shinrin-Yoku, Dr. Qing Li). More than ever people will be spending time indoors too. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, “The average American spends 93% of their time indoors.” And only 6% of that is spent inside cars. We spend so much time on our phones, tablets, televisions, and other technology that we become more and more disconnected from the outside world. This is why the benefits of Sylvotherapy are so intense! It is such a refreshing and regenerating process for your body to be exposed to the natural energy of trees that we get to experience astounding health benefits just by going outside.

Forest-Bathing, A New Part Of Your Lifestyle

You’ve heard the statistics, the benefits, and the need- now what’s keeping you from giving it a try? Bring a friend of family member out into the forest with you and enjoy the relaxing compensations the trees have to offer. It can be a wonderful social or independent experience. Sleep better, help your body heal itself, improve immune functions, and even help prevent against cancer. What wonders a walk in the forest can do for you.

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