6 ways to get moving in the morning

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

get moving in the morning

Working out in the morning jump-starts your metabolism that you will burn more calories and have more energy all day. Exercising early means you’re less likely to succumb to later-day distractions like work or dinner plans. So don’t touch the snooze button. Here are six surefire ways to wake up, get out of bed and start moving.

1. Light up your life to get moving in the morning

It’s not just the desire for more that makes it so difficult to wake up in the dark. Our bodies’ internal alarm clocks are regulated by the hormone melatonin, which increases at night and decreases during the day. A light-producing alarm like sunrise clock slowly begin to shine 30 minutes before your wake-up time, gradually illuminating the room until it’s time to get up. A low-tech way to get the same results: If your spouse or roommate wakes up first, ask him or her to switch on the light or open the curtains.

2. Keep your motivation in sight

Hang an inspirational saying or photograph in your room (“Exercise makes me feel strong” or a picture of a favorite pair of jeans you’re dying to fix into) where you’ll see it as soon as you wake up to remind you of the many different benefits of exercise.

3. Bribe yourself

Make a promise that you can have that double latte after your morning run. You may not even need the caffeine kick after exercising, but it can be a mighty motivator.

morning stretch yoga

4. Start slow

If you can’t muster up the energy for a run or an aerobics class, try doing a less vigorous activity, such as yoga, light strength training or walking. Or simply tell yourself that you have to do only a few minutes of your workout. Once you start moving, you may be inspired to do more than you’d originally planned. And even if you don’t, a brief bout of exercise is better than none at all.

5. Copy your cat

As soon as your alarm goes off, stand up and do some gentle stretching, suggests Cotton, to get your blood pumping and shake off any lingering sleepiness.

cat knows to take it easy

6. Make an appointment

You’ve heard it a million times, but it works: Just knowing that someone is waiting for you at the gym or down the block, whether it’s a friend or a trainer, makes you feel more accountable to show up. Another innovative option to try, find an advisor for regular motivating morning wake-up session.

Here is a new video showing some basic Yoga and stretching to start your morning fresh!


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