A morning routine, the steps to follow

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

For two years now, I have been gradually implementing a morning routine every day. And it turns out that my life seems more in harmony with my aspirations and that my ideas are clearer. Indeed, this morning routine allows me to set the tone of the day and take the time to be my own companion, my own support in my personal journey.

It is not easy to understand for many of us the importance of taking time for ourselves in the morning, before embarking on the hectic pace of the day ahead. The establishment of a sort of ritual is necessary, what I call “morning routine”. Of course it takes effort. Like getting up a little earlier, rather than waiting for the last alarm that has already been shifted three times, and then running all over the house to get to the subway and not be late for work.

Here are the steps of my morning routine.

It is to set up one or more mindfulness practices without being disturbed in the morning. For example, I begin with Yoga, then meditation. Then, I like to drink my tea by writing in my diary all the experience that I have just experienced: I report all that has occurred in me during my practices of Yoga and meditation. It’s a real job of introspection! Then I set one or two actions to perform during the day, to help me stay in the axis of my goals. If my goal at the moment is to finish the construction of my website, I will for example fix myself as action this morning to work on my logo. The next morning could be to refine the topics that I want to appear on my site.

The morning routine helps us remember our goals.

It gives us all the energy needed to implement everyday actions that help us achieve our dreams.

How long do you need in the morning?

If you are not yet familiar with this idea of ​​morning routines, start at your own pace and according to your abilities. Avoid scheduling your wake-up call at 5:00 am if you have a habit of getting up at 7:00 am. It’s a rhythm that is gradually taking shape. Be indulgent with yourself! Then ask yourself the following questions: What practices do I want to do in the morning? Yoga, meditation, writing, reading, breathing exercises, stretching …? You are free to practice the activity that suits you.

I am content to illustrate my remarks with my practices and my own morning routine. You are free to set up what you need for your daily life. How long do you need? 5 minutes of meditation? 10 minutes of Yoga?

It’s not the duration that counts but the PRACTICAL!

Doing it, repeating it every morning. Then, by dint of practicing, you will progress. And you will naturally need more time. Also, you will naturally put the alarm clock even earlier.

I get up at 5:00 am recently. A morning routine is practiced and it starts gradually. A morning routine is practiced and it starts gradually. So, inevitably, I get up earlier. I put my alarm now at 05:00. I take the time to wake up gently, after a facial refresh and a brushing of teeth. Then I go on my Yoga mat. I practice on average 45 minutes, then comes the time of the meditation, about 30 minutes.

It is then 06:45. I turn on the kettle, my computer or open my newspaper. Installed in front of the living room window from which I can contemplate the sun rising, I begin towrite. I tell everything my heart feels and what my mind does not want to confess. I give myself to myself. Then, I set myself one or two actions to achieve in view of my current goal.

No worries!

At first I got up much later, practiced Yoga 20 or 30 minutes and meditated for 5 minutes. Also, my writing was not always recurring. Sometimes I did not allow myself time to write. Now that I see all the benefits of this practice on my personal development, I find it hard to do without it. Now that I see all the benefits of this practice on my personal development, I find it hard to do without it.

It is important to stay disconnected during this morning routine. So, I sleep with my phone in airplane mode and only deactivate it at the end of my routine. Sometimes even after breakfast to really stay connected with myself. How do you want to dive into your depths and feel in harmony with yourself if you start the day by scrolling through your Facebook or Instagram news feed? Even worse, if you log in to your banking application to check the status of your account? You do not need that in the morning.

A morning routine helps you channel your reactions

You have all day to face the ups and downs of life. And a wonderful way to prepare for this is to do your morning routine to be less a victim of these daily and unpredictable movements of life. Also, to approach them with more positivity. Also, to approach them with more positivity. I get up early too, because I do not want to be bothered by the people I live with. I know that my companion wakes up around 07:00 to go to work, so I organize my routine before to be in perfect silence. If you can not arrange an hour to be alone and in silence, perhaps you can expect a space in which you will not be disturbed?

Work on oneself also requires patience and tolerance!

I end these tips with something that you need to keep in mind if you want to engage in such a practice, or if you want to enrich the one you have now. Be indulgent and patient to yourself! “Start small and measure your progress”. Be committed and dedicated to yourself but also tolerant! I also sleep later than usual because I have dined with friends for example. I adapt my routine. I put the alarm clock a little later and I practice 10 minutes of Yoga instead of 45. It does not matter. The most important is consistency and recurrence, not duration and performance. In addition, it is important to consider the role of sleepin setting up such a morning routine. It is an essential factor in creating new energy and positivity every day.

How are you going to implement this new personal development key?

It’s your turn! At what time will you put the alarm clock tomorrow morning? What practices will you do? On which support do you keep your diary? What are your goals and what are your intentions to achieve your goal?

For those who would like to learn to wake up their bodies in the morning and who do not practice Yoga, I discovered the benefitsof the 5 Tibetans I like to offer during my classes in business.

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