Morning meditation routine in 10 min

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Clearly state your intention of your morning meditation

A morning routine is probably one of the most challenging action to take, own and execute consistently.

But if you take up this challenge, it will pay off.

There are many articles about morning meditation published on the web and social media.

It’s a protocol, a morning Rendez vous with yourself, your body, mind and soul, all together you are going to synch up and prepare for the day.

Start at 6am

Timing is the crucial element of success, the earlier you start, the better and just before the sunrise is recommended.

  1. Face East direction (sunrise)

  2. Sit on a chair or lotus pose  – Yoga asana

  3. Set your timer or clock for 10 min as a start.

Now you may choose two techniques of meditation: Mindfulness or Visualisation

Mindfulness Meditation

The first one, Mindfulness meditation is based on breathing technique of focus on thoughtless method. It may not be the easier and will require a lots of focus.

To help you may start with deep inhalation through the nose, exhale via the mouth. At the moment you inhale, focus your attention on the movement of your belly rising up.

If you can manage focus on both movement of the belly and the air coming in through the nose, then you are on the right track to leave all thoughts outside of you. No thinking, no wandering, just the moment of breath and meditation.

If a negative thought come over you, telling you "this is boring", just ignore or reply "no, it's not me who says that" Basically this thought is a construction of your mind trying to bring you back to the state of action, of doing thing. If you can ignore it, it will vanish as fast as it came in, then at this moment, you will be able to enter another realm. Calm, perfect stillness, this is where you should be - THE place to be. Stay there as long as you can.

Continue for 10 min, push to 15 min if you can.

As long as you experience the meditation, you will feel your body relaxing and a sensation of wellness shaping all your body, It may not happen the first time your meditate, and patience and stamina are required to attain the objectives.

Think:  What do you want more of in your day? More productivity? Better health? Happiness? Figure out what your goals are, State your intention and while you breeze, focus on the thought of “better healthier” Feeling happier” etc.


The second technique is a variation with images and vizualisation of your thoughts. You express the intention to create a landscape, vision of your future, in a place of your choice, with the people you want to be with. This image will appear and stay along while you meditate.

  1. Start vizualise the ideal situation of what you want to be, where to you want to be etc.

  2. Breeze in and out

  3. The focus on this image is your objective, do not wander or avoid being distracted, If that happens, come back to this image.

How does it feel?

You will experience here again, a profound relaxation of your mind and body. You may also shiver lightly, a sign that the energy flows across your body.

The health benefits of meditation

Here are a list, non exhaustive of health benefits when you meditate, just to name a few:

  1. Relieve Stress

  2. Reduce Blood pressure

  3. Alleviate Anxiety

  4. Improve neurology and brain health

  5. Promotes Emotional Health. Better EQ

  6. Increase Self-Awareness and alertness

  7. Increase Attention Span. Remove distraction

  8. Reduce Age-Related Memory Loss

  9. Promote Kindness and attention to People

  10. Helps fight additions, smoking, sugars, drugs

Choose a time to wake up at every day.

If you are not able to make this meditation in the morning, find a time in the day to pause and reflect on yourself. 10 min of break to sit, relax or re-channel your energy towards yourself. Your inner self, what is the more precious, under control and able to provide full satisfaction and clarity.

In addition to your morning Meditation, what can be useful is to add-up light exercice or Yoga.

The order of sequence is as follows:

  1. 10 min of mindfulness meditation

  2. 5 min of the 5 Tibetan rites

  3. 10 min of Yoga – stretching and/or cardio

  4. 5 min cold/lukewarn shower

  5. Breakfast (no sugar, no bread, no gluten) – focus on protein and healthy fat – omega 3.

  6. Take Vitamin C – 500mg

Additional resources to support your meditation guidelines:

A few mobile apps can help reinforce your practice and you will better follow the morning agenda and pace. I tried in the past Headspace for quite some time and found a real value to perform each day 10 min of relaxation through guides meditation, it is quite powerful and the basic courses really help beginners to start their journey. Another good app is Calm, while being less educational on Meditation.

I would highly recommend to install Mudra app, another great support for your daily meditation. By adding Mudras to your practice, it can improve your health. Not available for IPhone sadly.

For Android

Finally some pre-requisites to succeed with your morning meditation:

  1. Shutdown your phone – mute for calls

  2. Wake in the morning without checking your phone as first thing

  3. Set a timer for answering to your emails in order to maintain your sanity

  4. Keep your gym clothes next to your bed when you wake up in the morning

Eventually, I would recommend you the approach of Sadhguru, one of the most popular Master, Guru in Yoga, Meditation and awareness. He is surely a great wise man, who knows the depth of meditation. Follow his steps to improve on your reaction and empathy for other human beings.

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