8 natural remedies to overcome snoring!

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Snoring is a very embarrassing health problem for both the affected person and those around him. To counteract this problem, many people prefer to refer to natural remedies. Because it seems that they act faster and more efficiently. Here we reveal some of these natural solutions that help fightsnoring on a daily basis.

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Eucalyptus oil against snoring

Snoring is more evident during the winter season. And at this time, Eucalyptus oil is one of the best remedies that can be on hand to deal with this problem.

His asset? It liquefies the mucus, thus facilitating the diffusion of air into the airways. Add a few drops of Eucalyptus essential oil in warm water. And inhale the steam with a towel over your head for a few minutes.

Ginger is also an anti-snoring remedy.

It is called because it increases the secretion of saliva, covering the throat. This is an excellent way to lubricate the throat and reduce snoring.

Dilute ginger with honey and ingest the mixture.


La menthe contribue à mettre fin aux ronflements en diminuant le gonflement des tissus du nez et de la gorge, une action qui facilite le travail des voies respiratoires.

Before you go to bed, pour 3 drops of mint essential oil into a cup of water and use it to gargle your mouth. Perform this operation each evening until your snoring stops. And do not forget that you should not drink this water under any circumstances.

Anti-snoring olive oil

If you suffer from snoring, olive oil will allow you to relax the tissues that cover the airways. This will reduce the swelling and create a passage for the air to circulate more freely.

All you have to do is take half a teaspoon of honey mixed with a few drops of olive oil before going to bed.


Endowed with powerful antibiotic and antiseptic properties, turmeric has repeatedly proven to be very effective in relieving certain everyday ailments.

But do you know that it also cures inflammations and thus reduces snoring. Just pour 2 teaspoons of turmeric into a glass of hot milk and drink it every night before bedtime.


It is a remedy especially for those who suffer from temporary snoring, that is to say, a snoring that occurs only at a certain time of the year, probably because of an allergy.

Its anti-inflammatory action helps to relax the airways, making it easier for the air to enter the lungs.

Put a teaspoon of dried nettle in 250 ml of boiling water. After five minutes, drain and drink the preparation before going to bed. It is advisable to drink this tea 2 to 3 times a day if allergies become more frequent.


Garlic is an excellent remedy against infections of the respiratory system. Which means that if your snoring comes from your sinuses, then you will be very helpful.

Chew one or two cloves of garlic followed by a large glass of water before bedtime.


Chamomile tea relaxes areas of the throat where snoring occurs. Just drink one cup each night before going to bed.

How to overcome snoring on a daily basis?

It’s pretty simple. Just follow the few recommendations.

First, when you sleep, stand on your side. Because if you are on the back, it will block the passage of air and cause snoring.

The cigarette is to be banned. Because it can cause irritation of the membranes of the mucous membranes of the nose and throat,causing swelling and consequently snoring.

Also avoid drinking too much alcohol at bedtime. Alcohol and heavy meals are also banned in the evenings because the tissues of the lungs are loosened, which can cause snoring. If you’ve had a heavy meal, take a fennel or caraway herbal tea to relax your intestines and help you sleep better.

For people who are overweight, it is recommended to lose weight if you want to remedy this problem. Because fat decreases the volume of the upper airways, thereby narrowing the diameter of the pharynx. As a result, the air is hard to circulate normally. For weight loss and fat reduction, a grapefruit juice every morning.

To eliminate his extra pounds, one can focus on a balanced and varied diet by associating it of course with a sporting activity practiced regularly.

In summary

The sound of snoring comes mainly from the contraction of the airways. The air does not circulate freely, triggers the vibrations of the tissues of the throat. If it is too important, it can have a negative impact on the health of the individual.

This is why we should not hesitate to use natural solutions if the drugs used do not produce any conclusive results.

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