Home Remedies for Back Pain: 4 incredible solutions

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

If you suffer from back pain and you really don’t want to opt for medical products, here are some natural remedies that will help you to effectively alleviate this symptom.

Back pain is a sign associated with several pathologies affecting the spine. These may include affections related to the cervical region, the lower back or the base of the neck to the waist.

This symptom is usually caused by ageing and alteration of bone tissue, deformities, trauma and inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis. A sedentary lifestyle stress and prolonged sitting can also cause back pain.

To mitigate this evil of the century, there are very effective natural solutions such as essential oils, soothing plants and poultices made from cabbage.

Essential oils The essential oils of verbena, wintergreen and St. John’s wort are among the best natural remedies for back pain. Thanks to their analgesic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects, they effectively treat lumbago, ecchymosis, sciatica, rheumatism or mild traumatisms.

They also have the power to relax the joints and muscles, to reduce back pain. The essential oil of verbena It is used in the form of poultices which is prepared as follows:

– Boil 2 cups of wine vinegar; – Add 2 handfuls of verbena essential oil and let infuse for 10 minutes; – Then, apply the preparation as a poultice on the painful part for about fifteen minutes. The best is to do it in the evening, before going to bed. Wintergreen essential oil It fights back pain by relaxing the muscles. – Mix 1 tablespoon of arnica vegetable oil with 2 drops of wintergreen essential oil; – Put this mixture on the lower back, massaging slightly, 3 to 4 times a week for a week.

Note: This product should not be taken in its pure form and is contraindicated in pregnancy, breastfeeding and in children less than 6 years of age. It must always be diluted before administering it.

Vegetable oil of St. John’s wort It is known for its ability to quickly and effectively relieve cramps and neuralgia. You only have to affix it 1 to 3 times a day on the painful parts by associating it with sweet almond oil. Herbal remedies for back pain.

Nettle, meadowsweet, sage, white willow and horsetail are very beneficial plants for back pain. They have analgesic and soothing faculties that can be very useful in the treatment of back pain.

Stinging nettle is usually indicated to shorten inflammation related to rheumatism and osteoarthritis. It can be administered in the form of herbal tea to be consumed two to three times a day as soon as this symptom appears. 


 It is used in the form of a decoction or applied as a compress on the affected part. In fact, horsetail makes it possible to limit the pains caused by slight articular traumatisms. It’s a plant with anti-inflammatory properties, so it can also be prescribed to prevent osteoporosis. 

The queen of the meadows:

If it consumed as herbal tea, this herb helps moderate joint or tendon pain triggered by mild trauma.


 is a medicinal plant full of benefits. Composed of anti-inflammatory agents, it acts against bone and muscle pain. It is for this reason that sage tea is an excellent home remedy for back pain.

  1. Take sage leaves available at health food stores;

  2. Prepare them as an infusion and drink three cups a day. 

The white willow: 

This plant has the distinction of eliminating not only rheumatism but also back pain. As for white willow bark, it is nicknamed plant aspirin because it has a high amount of salicylate derivatives and has many therapeutic benefits. 

These health benefits are even recognized by the European Medicines Agency, which allows its use for a short time in case of osteoarthritis of the back. To counteract back pain and eliminate pain, you should drink a daily decoction of white willow. 

Tips: Before using herbal medicine to solve a health problem, talk to your doctor first. 

  1. Grandmother’s tips to calm back pain The poultice of cabbage: Cabbage is known for its remarkable analgesic qualities. It is an effective remedy for dorsal neuralgia, osteoarthritis or arthritis. To concoct the poultice of cabbage: 

  2.  Use the large leaves of a green cabbage from which you will remove the large veins;

  3. Then soften the leaves in hot water and arrange them superimposed;

  4. Place the poultice of wet leaves on the painful area, hold it in compresses and tape it securely. 

  5. Heat to relax muscles: The heat exerts a relaxing effect on the muscles. Therefore, if you put a hot water bottle on the affected part for 15 or 20 minutes, two to three times a day, it will relieve the joint pain felt after an effort.

  6. Mustard poultice: It is highly recommended for people with joint pain because of their analgesic properties.  Mustard seeds are effective allies against back pain. You only need to: 

  7. Crush a teaspoon of mustard seeds in a cup of hot water to let steep for 5 minutes;

  8. Then immerse a clean cloth in the preparation and place it on the painful places. Wash your hands thoroughly after handling the mustard and know that this remedy is only for adults.

It is not recommended to use in case of varicose veins. In the case of back pain or if you experience another form of joint pain, these remedies will surely be of great help to you. Plus, it is easy to make. They act quickly and can be used at any time of the day!

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