Some natural remedies for mononucleosis

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Mononucleosis is a disease that can be treated in a few months. But it can quickly get worse if it is not treated in time. The recommended treatments are often antibiotics, but many have the will to heal naturally. Here are some natural treatments for mononucleosis as well as tips to avoid it.

What is mononucleosis? 

It is a viral disease, rather benign at the base. By attacking the body, mononucleosis greatly reduces the immune defences and leaves the door open to all the small viruses in the air.

It can affect everyone but is most often seen in children or adolescents. Indeed, it is often called the “kissing disease” because it is transmitted through saliva. Just drinking in a friend’s glass can transmit the disease.

In childhood, more than 50% of the population carries the virus in their body; they can never declare themselves and thus be transmitted to others. Often, children develop it in the form of the big flu, without consequences. But when it develops in adolescence, the infection is accompanied 1 time out of 2 of mononucleosis.


The symptoms of mononucleosis are most often:

– Sore throats (such as angina) and headache.

– Tiredness and a feeling of weakness (muscle pain).

– Swelling and tenderness of the neck and armpit glands.

-Bouts of fever that are accompanied by chills.

-Decreased appetite.

-The fever and sore throat last from 2 to 3 weeks, but fatigue can persist for several months.

The degree of fatigue can vary a lot from person to person, depending on the physical constitution or exposure to stress. It is recommended that those most affected end their activities for a few weeks, especially the sport that weakens the body.

Although the worsening of mononucleosis is very rare, it is necessary from adolescence, to treat it seriously. Sometimes an increase in the volume of the spleen is felt by the doctor by feeling the abdomen. If you have more of these symptoms of pain in the upper abdomen, it is necessary to consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Prevent infection, before seeking to cure it !

If you did not contract mononucleosis in childhood, prevention is better than cure. In addition, people whose health is very fragile have the greatest interest in protecting themselves, especially in the presence of someone who has contracted in the previous months. Wherever possible:

·        Avoid kisses person who suffers from mononucleosis.·        Exchange as little as possible cooking utensils, glasses or bottles of water.

·        Do not share food.

·        Wash your hands thoroughly.

·        Protect yourself from sneezing

Simple remedies to counteract mononucleosis!

As for any more or less serious illness, it is advisable to see a doctor at the first symptoms. This few remedies may act in addition to what you have been prescribed.

It will relieve you and will allow you to treat mononucleosis as far as possible. If you prefer to use natural remedies instead of or in addition to antibiotics, here are a few:

·        Drink and eat cold or even frozen foods.

·        Adopt a balanced diet (consisting of legumes) to help your body, by drastically reducing dairy products.

·        Infuse long green tea (up to 10 minutes) whose antiviral properties can counter the virus of mononucleosis. Its effects are excellent for metabolism.

·        To minimize tiredness during mononucleosis, it is recommended to take vitamin C in all its forms. We can also use natural iron supplements (even after healing of mononucleosis, it never hurts) associated with copper, anti-infectious.

·        Propolis protects viruses and bacteria. In addition to its antiseptic properties, it can be used against a sore throat during the most painful phase of the disease.

·        Gargle with salt water: Warm salt water gargles made 3 to 5 times a day will relieve a sore throat. Baking can also be effective in gargling.

·        Homoeopathy can help you for certain symptoms: three granules of Mercurius Solubilis 9 CH and Natrum Muriaticum 9 CH against extreme fatigue, five granules of Belladonna 5 CH to lower the temperature in case of fever and three granules of Phytolacca 5 CH against muscle aches.

·        Use plant extracts to stimulate the immune system such as echinacea or “cat’s claw” as well as essential oils (in small doses, attention!) Including tea tree (1 to 2 drops diluted in honey) or linanol thyme.

To avoid urgently!

Aspirin for the youngest and adolescents: it can become deadly.·        Some antibiotics derived from penicillin are dangerous, it is better to forget them until the end of the disease.

This is why healing naturally can be a good alternative. Do not forget to ask your doctor before using natural treatment.

Do you know of other effective remedies for mononucleosis?

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