Now In the Eye

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

The before charade no longer showed itself the same on this day.

The past in the present began to change.

No fact hardened without a social relationship being a part of it.

It becomes a game of what is real

Like are humans even human

What does this species mainly feel?

The past is not the present and it is all in the now.

An always changing focus on how this unfolds, as later moments add in detail to what I currently hold.

A circle of action stemming useful to us in how we interpret where we’re standing, or floating,

More of the same from the one mind, patient in revealing our beliefs in life.

No hiccup in numerical ties, zero boundaries for a constructed man lie.

Fly high, unbounded by space and time.

Adding into truth, how I choose to set my own rules,

I am Basking in the connections of the greater worlds view.

A Picture of images is but a seen dream in waking consciousness.

I believe in the better that comes from the dark,

As the miracle of a seed is planted, and transforms into all that I need.

I am playing from ONE reality base; good ideas come from this mind space.

I am what I say I am, and create at the basis of my awareness to what is.

Taking the creative eye, Where ever this flows.

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