Prenatal Yoga, a sport very suitable for pregnant women

You probably have an idea of the incredible benefits of Yoga on the body. Its therapeutic and curative virtues, to which we add its soothing power, are known to all. And it is not pregnant women who will tell you otherwise. Yoga and pregnancy form, in fact, a beautiful alliance. Health professionals confirm it: Yoga is one of the best sports during pregnancy, next to tai chi chuan and walking. Small explanations on this activity, extremely beneficial to mother and child.

Prenatal yoga, a way to take care of your body during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the body goes through enormous changes. The pelvis thickens, the back hollow without forgetting the other inconveniences such as back pain, digestion problems. Here is why it is recommended to do a physical activity like yoga during this time.

This allows to :

  • Keep a good balance

  • Live fully your 9 months of pregnancy

  • Get in the right mood to give birth peacefully

  • Strengthen your mental strength,

  • Boost your self-confidence.

to do a physical activity like yoga during this time
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But beware ! Everything is not allowed! There are yoga postures that are best to avoid during pregnancy, namely Bikram yoga, inverted postures such as the bridge, the arch posture or any other position that is practiced lying on the stomach.

An ideal activity to relax and flourish

Highly recommended, prenatal yoga has many benefits. To begin with, it teaches us the right postures to adopt to relax and relieve tension.

Doing Yoga during pregnancy helps the body store endorphins, which are hormones that reduce pain during childbirth. This sport is excellent for staying in shape, preparing your body for the birth of a child and relieving stress. We live your pregnancy better and listen to your body, its desires and feelings.

Prenatal yoga has many benefits.
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The postures of Yoga cause a toning as well as a relaxation of the deep muscles of the body. It is also revealed that it is a very good sport for letting go and relieving tension in the lower back or in the sciatic nerve.

You can do it until term as long as the pregnancy is going well. Otherwise it is advisable to start from the third trimester of pregnancy, at least, once a week.

The best yoga postures for pregnant women

The ideal sport for recharging your batteries, yoga offers you the opportunity to live your pregnancy serenely. However, some postures are not allowed, a big belly requires. Others, on the other hand, are highly recommended because they help boost blood circulation, tone muscles and strengthen the mind.

 The best yoga postures for pregnant women
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The mountain

Get into a standing position, spread your legs slightly. Rest your toes and heels well and stay in this pose for a few minutes. Focus on your breathing. The mountain posture is widely used to work on balance.

The cat

Kneeling on all fours, lean on your hands. Spread your legs slightly. While inhaling, bring your head up, while tucking your back. Exhale, round your back, and try to bring your head down to look at your belly button. Do 5 chained movements while concentrating on your breathing.

This posture helps relieve back pain.

The butterfly

It is the ideal posture to firm and soften the pelvic muscles and thighs but also to let go and relax. Get into a seated position, perhaps on a cushion. After bringing your legs together near your pelvis, bring the soles of your feet together.

Move your feet about 50 cm away, dropping your face to the ground to lengthen your back. Breathe for a few seconds, then release.


This is one of the best postures for relieving back pain. In a kneeling position, you sit on your heels. We spread his heels slightly and let his butt fall between his feet. Keep your head, back and shoulders straight. Then place your hands on your thighs. You keep this position for a few seconds while staying focused on your breathing.

Then, lean forward slightly, lifting your hips and supporting yourself on your hands. At the same time, raise your heels and put your feet on your toes until you can stand on your tiptoes.

Prenatal yoga, what should you know before you start ?

If you decide to do yoga during your pregnancy, always start the session with breathing exercises that help to create a vacuum around you. Then perform stretching movements and finish with the Savasana pose. If the mom feels good, the baby will feel it too. It is not recommended to stay on your back too long, especially after the first 3 months. This can cause nausea, shortness of breath or dizziness.

During the first trimester, we do everything gently. Not too much effort or twists. At this stage, prenatal yoga helps in particular to fight nausea and fatigue. The sessions are made of slow movements and gentle postures. During the second trimester, we begin to work on breathing. At this stage, the sessions help soothe the ailments associated with pregnancy. In the third trimester of pregnancy, there is more emphasis on exercises that prepare the mother for childbirth.

Prenatal yoga for à woman
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If you have never done yoga, here are some tips to apply for a successful session :

  • Breathe deeply and slowly

  • Do not force too much

  • Hydrate before, during and after the session.

Even after pregnancy, yoga can be practiced, in the company of baby, unlike other sports. It helps to find the line, to flatten the belly. And it's a way to enjoy the first few weeks with baby.

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