The Meaning of Meditation

Updated: Jan 22

Death and rebirth are the first things that come to mind when I think of the meaning of meditation.

Meditation and stress management

To allow your thoughts to fall away like autumn leaves on a tree, allowing the silence of Winter to emerge. Seasons change and so do our lives, which is why people meditate.

It's to cope with the emotional and mental state of life, rebalancing our own energies so that we are not whisked away by the storms that surely do come.

Sit in a lotus position.

Lengthen your spine and drop your shoulders.

Imagine an angel peeking out from behind the clouds, dropping down a golden string that enters your crown.

As you remain seated in silence, she lifts that string back up, causing your head to tilt back with your gaze up towards the heavens.

You see hope, and then close your eyes.

Meditating allows you to silence the noise from the outside world, including your own. In the 8 Limbs of Yoga, the first Yama is Ahimsa which means nonviolence; this includes that not only do you not cause harm to others, but you neither cause harm to yourself through action or even words.

Thus, sometimes we have the tendency to talk negatively to ourselves and that is actually a sin.

Can you imagine!?

Yea, so there's nothing noble and humble about putting ourselves down.

But we all know, it's not that we want to hurt ourselves. We probably just learned it from somewhere else since life doesn't come without its challenges.

We see it every year.

A tropical storm, hurricane or wild forrest fire; metaphors equivalent to some of the biggest personal pinnacles of our lives.

A wedding. A divorce. A gain. A loss. Life changing events have the tendency to effect our emotions from intense joy to intense sorrow, but when we carve out time to meditate, we ground ourselves back to center, anchoring ourselves to our spiritual core where nothing can affect us. In fact, meditation can be a form of self protection and self love.

Meditation best posture position of relaxation

When meditating, you embrace the present moment without worry of the future or regrets from the past.

You let go of the worlds events and become one with yourself and your higher power.

The choice is also yours to either chant or stay completely silent. If you choose to chant, the word OM is the most popular. As the sound escapes your lips, the vibration neutralizes the cells in your body, causing the neurons in your brain and nervous system to flow more easily as a stress reducer.

It calms anxiety and depression, creating mental space for you to identify your own thoughts instead of getting them confused with toxic programming. In conclusion, when done consistently, meditation can heal the soul.

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