How to plan for a Yoga Teacher’s Training in India

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Choose a Yoga training in India

For the yoga enthusiasts who have been practicing yoga for years now, the next destination is Yoga Teacher’ Training Certification. For pursuing their dream, you need to enroll for the YTTC. These training programs take you through the nuances of various types of yoga along with an insight on meditation and Ayurveda. Yoga is not just about some complex poses and breathing, it is a deep and wide ocean which you can explore with the help of training programs. 

The course is a stepping stone to establish a flourishing career as a yoga tutor. If you are also tempted with the idea of joining the YTTC, you must be aware of certain facts before you take the plunge. It helps in having a reality check and avoiding unrealistic expectations. So before you embark on this new journey, here’s a look at few things that you must know:

Yoga teacher’s training is not for everyone

Many people believe that the YTTC are designed only for people who wish to pursue a career in yoga. However, it is a myth. Though the course enhances your knowledge and skills for becoming an effective tutor, it can be pursued by anyone. Even if you don’t wish to have a career as yoga tutor, these courses are open for you. You can simply join the program for exploring yoga in depth and taking your yoga skills a notch higher. 

Don’t expect much and pressurize yourself

When you decide to join the YTTC, have a relaxed and calm mind. You must only focus on your hard work and give the best of your abilities to the course. Leave the rest to time and destiny. There will always be fast learners and better performers around you but that should not demoralize you. Everyone has a unique journey at different pace. You must avoid comparisons as it would put unnecessary pressure. 

Have a clear intention

When you decide to join the classes, be clear about the reason as to why you want to join the course and why you wish to teach yoga. It is important to be clear about the reason as many times people simply join the course and end up feeling skeptical halfway through the journey. It may make you question your decision and you may find it less appealing. Clarity of intentions will help in avoiding second thoughts and skepticism. 

Do it for yourself

You must take up the course because your fellow mates are taking it. The decision must be completely yours and should make you happy. Even if you are taking up the course for spreading the goodness of yoga among others, it must first make you happy and content. You need to learn and study yoga for yourself first irrespective of whether you would be teaching afterwards or not. Absorb and imbibe the learning in your yoga practice as only after you embody something in yourself, you can share it further.

Embrace the confusion

During the course of training you might feel confused. There may be certain poses or subjects that you would find challenging to comprehend or ace. However, that should not affect your confidence. You must take it as an experience and keep on exploring. Being curious about learning new things and making mistakes is what helps in the learning process. You must not hesitate in asking for help from peers and tutors. Being aware of your imperfections and embracing them is what makes you a stronger and confident yogi. 

Expect some tears

As mentioned earlier, yoga is not just about poses and breathing. It is a spiritual and emotional journey. Throughout the journey there can be emotional moments, discomfort, fatigue, and unexpected feelings. All of these can make you feel overwhelmed and you may shed some tears. It is absolutely fine and quite normal. And, you would not be alone in this! All of these emotions are a part of growth and self-discovery. Crying before yoga, after yoga, during yoga or crying through the lectures is all normal. 

Be kind to your body

While pursuing the YTTC your body will have to learn and adjust to several new poses and some of them can be challenging to achieve initially. In such a situation you must listen to your body and not push your limits. Forcing a pose can lead to injuries. You must relax and understand that even the best of teachers have had their learning journey. While some poses are easy to ace, others may take time. If you happen to injure yourself, take this time to research more about how to avoid it and help other injured students. The efforts will pay off when you become a yoga teacher.

Explore yoga literature

As of any other subject, for yoga as well you must have both practical and theoretical knowledge. Being adept in yoga poses alone doesn’t make you a great yoga tutor. You must possess knowledge of yoga in detail which you can get from yoga literature. You must be aware of importance of practicing yoga and how it helps and changes your body. A yoga teacher must be acquainted with the art and science of yoga as well as about injuries and ways to avoid them. 

It will be an adventurous journey

The YTTC is going to be a roller-coaster ride. You may feel good on some day and bad on others. It is natural to feel that way. It is normal to feel bored on some days. On such days you can take a walk in the nature or visit the local city. You must try to do everything that can help you in getting rid of the feeling. You will be normal within few days. 

  1. Make new friends

There will be several other fellow students who have embarked on the journey of learning yoga just like you. You can find support as well as inspiration in them. It can be an opportunity to share lessons and learning. Every person has different personality but you can learn to keep the egos aside and focus on the positives making it a memorable experience. Many students have shared that the bonding and friendships formed during the program last for a lifetime. 

  1. The journey doesn’t end here

The journey of yoga doesn’t end with the YTTC. Yoga is a vast field and you need to keep acquiring knowledge while teaching to others. Joining the YTTC and graduating is just the stepping stone to a bright career. Study and self-reflection are crucial when it come to yoga teaching. 

  1. Talk to people who have taken the course

Once you have decided to embark upon this journey, you can explore more information about these courses. One of the best ideas is to talk to people who have taken the YTTC and learn about their experience. Talking with more and more people will broaden your perspective and give an insight on what to expect during the course. Their experience can prove to be helpful while making the decision to join the YTTC as it is a life-changing journey that you are about to take.

Happy Learning!

By Chinmay Yoga – BIO

Chinmay Yoga is a Yoga School in India which conduct yoga teacher training in Dharamshala and Gokarna. Chinmay Yoga works to spread yoga knowledge by provide free drop-in classes, conducting YTTC Courses in India (Yoga Alliance) for 799 USD with amazing homemade food, great accommodation with air conditioning and very knowledgeable yoga teachers from India. Chinmay Yoga also works for the nature and surroundings around it by planting trees and installing dustbins in the city.

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